PDA Phone Client: Body Com Description: Shook Design supported another design office on this project which was far ahead of its time with credit card reader, camera PDA and cellphone with bluetooth in 2001.
Electric scooter Client: Compex Description: Shook Design was responsible for the design and development of this electric sooter from styling through engineering and testing. We have contributed to the design of many scooters including electric and various human powered scooters.
Off-road Electric Scooter Client: Electric Scooter Works Description: Shook Design designed and built prototypes of the body for this powerful, off-road electric scooter.
Electric Bicycle Client: EV-Plus Taiwan Description: Our design included a quick change battery pack with handle and self aligning connector. This allowing the bicycle to be safely secured on the street while the batteries can be carried inside the residence for charging.
Snow Throwers Client: Bolens Description: Designed a single housing system that spanned the complete product line from 2.5 HP to 5 HP products. This single housing replaced three separate housings and reduced manufacturing and inventory cost.
Lawn Mower Client: Bolens Description: Designed the lawn mower deck and patented grass catching system which deposited the cut grass directly into a plastic trash bag while mowing.
Lawn Tractors Client: Bolens Description: Designed a series of successful Lawn tractors. These tractors were marketed under the Bolens name and other brands including Sears.
Garden Tractors Client: Bolens Description: Designed a complete line of small tractors ranging from 12HP gas to 24HP diesel versions. Designed a single set of body panels that could span this broad product range reducing parts count by 50%. Designed the panels with large spaces between them which provided a rugged look while increasing acceptable manufacturing tolerances.


Shook Design is located along a frontage road that paralles San Antonio Rd. The office is along the right side as you face the front of the building. Parking is available in front and back of the building.

809 San Antonio Rd #8
Palo Alto, Ca 94303

Office: 650 428 1135
Fax: 650 856 0797